Three reasons why social benefits are a crucial part of democracy


Democracy is a system that is necessary for the functioning of a fair and just society. Democracy provides the right to free speech. It checks the manipulation by few on the many. It means ‘by the people, and for the people.’ The influence of democracy is so strong that many have fought for it and sacrificed their lives.

Democracies need informed, active and responsible citizens who can take responsibility for themselves. The citizens mush be aware of their rights and obligations, be informed about the social world, be concerned about the welfare of others, provide opinions and arguments, be active in their communities, etc.

Most democratic countries provide social benefits to its citizens. Social benefits are crucial for the following reasons.

1. Supporting low-wage earners

Social benefits provide low-wage earners to lead a comfortable life. These advantages have attracted many immigrants in the past and are continuing to do so. Social benefits to the low-wage earners help to keep them out of poverty.

2. Supporting the physically challenged citizens

Welfare benefits decrease the financial burden on families of a physically challenged person. The physically challenged citizens can help themselves if they have the social benefits.

3. Supporting the senior citizens

Welfare benefits are the only source of income for about 24% of senior citizens of a country. It plays a significant role in keeping senior citizens out of poverty.

As a citizen of a democratic country, you should be well aware of all your social rights. The types of welfare benefits vary from a country to another. People who live in a country with greater welfare benefits lead a better and secured life.

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